Speakers: Tech & Learning Live @ Long Beach 2015


Keynote Speaker
Howard Rheingold
Author, Teacher, and Consultant

Howard Rheingold's 2002 book, Smart Mobs, was acclaimed as a prescient forecast of the always-on era. The weblog associated with the book has become one of the top 200 of the 8 million blogs tracked by Technorati, and won Utne Magazine's Independent Press Award in 2003. A former editor of the Whole Earth Review, founding executive editor of Hotwired, and author of numerous books including Tools for Thought and The Virtual Community, Rheingold has a very popular videoblog that covers a range of subjects. In 2008, he was a winner in the MacArthur Foundation's Digital Media and Learning competition and he used his award to
work with a developer to create a free and open source social media classroom.

Rhengold teaches Participatory Media/Collective Action at UC Berkeley's School of Information, Digital Journalism and VirtualCommunity/Social Media at Stanford University. He is a non-resident Fellow of the Annenberg School for Communication, and a visiting Professor at the Institute of Creative Technologies, De Montfort University in Leicester, UK. Most recently, he has been concentrating on learning and teaching 21st Century literacies. Current projects include: Rheingold U, the Peeragogy Project and Connected Learning.

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