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Author: By Patricia Brown October 31,2014

Pixel Press | Draw your own video game.

Author: By Silvia Tolisano October 31,2014

What are some other considerations and examples for educational conference documentation?

Author: By Özge Karaoglu October 30,2014

Here is a cool online game that we can use to train young learners on how to be more safe as they are using their emails: Safety Land

Author: By Lisa Nielsen October 30,2014

Innovative educators always want to know the latest and greatest tools and resources for teaching and learning.

Author: By Monica Burns October 30,2014

iziggi_slide01This year I’ve had the opportunity to try out a wonderful document camera that has tons of great features.

Author: By Terry Freedman October 29,2014

Whether you are moving to a new school, or staying where you are, it’s good to stand back and try to gauge what the school’s education technology is like.

Author: By Patrick Larkin October 29,2014

This week I wanted to give three reasons to consider using a social bookmarking resource like Diigo.

October 29,2014

Chemistry students learn to combine elements into compounds using SMART-based puzzle activity.

Author: By Pernille Ripp October 28,2014

I started out the month in San Francisco at the incredible ISF conference.

Author: By Monica Burns October 28,2014

bContext is a lesson creation tool for iPads that gives teachers the power to customize their instruction for students.

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