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Author: By Pernille Ripp July 22,2014

Blogging with my students has been one of the most enriching educational experiences we have had this year.

Author: By Guest blogger Monica Burns July 22,2014

If you are new to the Common Core or are diving into a new grade level this school year you may want to check out the search feature.

Author: By Brett Clark July 22,2014

My boss challenged me to put together a strong professional development plan for this school year. I recently shared my proposed plan with her and my team.

Author: By Silvia Tolisano July 22,2014

Blogging should not be an add-on, not an isolated project, but should be seen as PEDAGOGY.

Author: By Lisa Nielsen July 21,2014

These are some of the strategies that have been effective in enabling me to land that dream job. What’s worked for you?

Author: By Eric Sheninger July 21,2014

I was recently notified by William Jenkins that EdShelf announced it will be ceasing trading at the end of this month.

Author: By J. Robinson July 21,2014

Today, teachers who subject their students to endless PowerPoint presentations are hardly getting students to actively use technology.

Author: By Guest blogger Monica Burns July 18,2014

You’ll find lesson plans, videos, interactive resources and more on these sites. Click on each link to learn more about each one!

Author: By Chris Lehmann July 18,2014

We cannot and should not assume that students’ needs are best served when teachers’ needs are completely met.

Author: By Lisa Nielsen July 17,2014

He has learned everything he knows about his craft not through school, not through his parents or family, but via the learning network he has created for himself.

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